The vision about Permaculture Tools came about 15 years ago, at The Permaculture Research Institute working with old style hand tools from around the world. Many people would ask where they could buy one of these or one of those and the answer was always “the country they came from” or “good luck finding one of these old tools in a garage sale”. This is where the vision came from; wanting to supply fellow permaculture practitioners with good quality hand tools that where easy to access without having to go to some obscure country to buy them.

Part of this vision was to also be able to train people in the correct use of these hand tools. I have seen many people with years of experience in the field of permaculture using hand tools incorrectly. The small serrated sickle or rice knife is one of the best examples, with many people using it in a swinging fashion like a machete, this is not the way they are correctly used (see videos).


Permaculture Tools is here to provide quality hand tools at an affordable price but without the hassle and to provide education in how to use them correctly.


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Permaculture Tools.

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