Permaculture Tools has added a free permaculture nursery directory, so that you can come to one spot to find the plant material you need.

This can be in the form of seeds, plants, cuttings, in-ground nurseries, and soil biology (compost tea, worms). You do not have to be a company, be big or have much at all, you just may have an abundance of something useful, like a large amount of Pinto Peanut you can take as cuttings or a few well seeding Ice Cream Beans. This can be just for sharing the surplus or for your income. It just has to be nursery and permaculture related. A mainstream wholesale nursery which can produce plant seedlings to order of something useful like legumes is perfect.

This is global, no location limitations. If you think it is in a spot which no one knows about this is again perfect as plant material in these kinds of areas is the hardest to find.

This comes of the back of working on some large permaculture projects and not being able to source all of the required plant material needed.

*Please note anything not nursery and permaculture related will be deleted with no warnings.