Permaculture Consultancy
Our philosophy is to design effective, functional, resilient, and productive spaces without compromising environment, all the while maintaining spaces of beauty, recreation and community inclusion.
Experienced consultants can save you money, resources and time by quickly discovering potential key features, opportunities, problems and limitations within a site. We design according to your preferred time scale, budget, resources, maintenance requirements, objectives and style.
Our Permaculture Consultancy services include:
  • Garden design (vegetable, herb, ornamental or mixed gardens).
  • Water systems (water tanks, irrigation, swales, dams, retention ponds, aquaculture, and aquaponics).
  • Green walls
  • Food forests and orchards
  • Animal systems
  • Compost systems
  • Solar assessment
  • Retrofitting (home or commercial)
  • Solar passive design
  • Energy auditing
  • Appropriate technology
  • Waste water treatment/water treatment (reed beds/evaporation trenches, wetland systems, floating islands)
  • EIA (environmental impact assessments)
  • Soil biology (soil analysis, soil improvement)
  • Keyline design, wholistic management, pastoral management, carbon sequestration.
  • Conservation/farm forestry (Silviculture, fodder and wood pollarding, coppicing).
  • Design for resilience (flood, fire, drought and climate change).


We do Permaculture Consultancy designs for:
  • Urban/suburban residential living (courtyard, balcony, backyard, verge).
  • Commercial, recreational, and cultural spaces.
  • Government funded projects
  • International projects
  • Natural zones
  • Rural properties (hobby farms and agricultural land).
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