Sustainable Farmer Fined for

Impossible Water Seepage.

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5 Day Earthworks Hydrology Course Shows You

how to Store “Too Much Water”

on Your Farm.

The water held in the structure of Geoff Lawton’s land was forced into the ground by detailed, intricate and well thought out earthworks designed to catch every drop of water that fell from the heavens.

Slow released over long periods of dry weather. Easily accessed by deep rooted orchards, flood irrigated over pasture through the use of swale’s, and continuously feeding low lying crops through downhill seepage.

The principles used by Geoff Lawton to create the furor that baffled authorities and bent the minds of neighbouring farmers (who benefited from the water oozing into their own properties)… are the same earthworks design principles being taught by his son Danial Lawton… and Danial’s Business partner David Spicer… in a 5 day, hands-on earthworks course.

Real Machinery, Real Dirt, and Real Permanent Results on a working farm where you get to direct the action at someone else’s expense and take away the understanding you need to produce the same outlandish water reserves for your own projects.

A program so hands-on, by the time you leave, head giddy with new possibilities for your farm or property, you’ll be able to speak at least two new languages.

You can choose from:

  • Plant Operator: Turn a big gruff burly bloke into a sensitive new age earth artist in 5 minutes of conversation.
  • Surveyor: This guy is your asset estimator, if you can speak surveyor you can shave tens of thousands off your project cost.
  • Irrigation Consultant: Free flowing information from these gurus will spare you from never ending repair and maintenance nightmares. Learn how to turn them on like a tap.
  • Government Official: When a big red “Approved” stamp is all you need.

But why not learn them all, and get all hands on your own farm easily catching your vision and bending over backward to execute the plan in it’s finest detail.

You’ll find Plant Operators are itching to get creative with their powerful machines, and Government Officials want nothing more than to fast track the red tape and see independent farmers thriving against the massive odds they face from supermarket chains,  unpredictable weather, and the scheming skulduggery of Multi-National Biotech and Chemical companies.

All they need is inspiration. And you’ll learn how to bring out the best in all these professions by showing them concrete proven strategies for building permanent sustainability into the landscape

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There’s more detail about the course content below. But for now…

Who is Danial Lawton?

Danial Lawton

You’ve heard of children being plucked out of the cabbage patch. Well this guy actually was. An organic Radish patch to be exact. Danial has been living, eating and breathing sustainable farming from a very young age. Breaking long held records at the royal show for perfect, organically grown radishes at the age of 13.

After years spent traveling and working across the globe with his father, himself a sustainable farming pioneer, Danial found time to complete a Masters Degree in Environmental Management, and a Masters Degree in Engineering (Environmental Engineering) where he specialized in Land and Water Management, Ecology and Conservation Management.

He’s the owner of and where he helps equip and inform Commercial and Subsistence farmers worldwide.

His expertise have been honed and sharpened through multiple design projects both here and abroad. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Whales.

And through countless applications he’s skilled up in Earthworks Hydrology, Geographic Information Systems, Water and Waste Water Management, Wetlands, Renewable Energy, Hazardous Waste and even Air Quality.

Danial holds the big picture outlook on total farm planning. He’s the science brain in the duo.

But the only thing you need to know about these two gentlemen of the soil is…
They have both faced death at the end of a double barrel in the hands of desperate, poverty stricken criminals, pirates and revolutionaries in the line of duty to deliver their message of sustainable farming for the people.
So you must know this program will be delivered come hell or high water. And if the heavens do open… more’s the better.


Dave Excavator course

Dave front excavator course







Here’s what you’ll find in the 5 day course.

Intro & First Considerations Why water is the first consideration in farm design.
Keypoint Design The ultimate point in the landscape to locate high elevation dams.
Hardware/Software difference See what will cause a flood in your landscape and where you can catch, absorb and use water in the landscape before you turn a single sod.
Micro Earthworks Tune in to how water and the land interact on even the smallest scale and apply that to shaping a whole farm using bulldozers and Excavators.
Edge effect See how to use the edge effect to multiply soil productivity by up to 30 times. Who’d have thought earth moving machinery held the ability to heal and produce as well as destroy.
Water holding Strategies for holding water in the landscape for the longest time, traveling the longest distance, so you can make full use of every drop you harvest from the sky.
Planning out the earth moving process Because failure to plan in earth works design isn’t just planning to fail. It’s planning to lose fences, paddocks, a house or even a family member.
Total Farm Layout Catch and redistribute every drop that falls from the sky and prevent it from leaving your farm and giving it to the neighbor down stream.
Deep Soil Testing Methods Practical hands in the mud learning. Know in advance the best placement of dams and how to avoid losing an excavator into a hidden underground bog
DIY Site Surveying and Pegging Out Learn how to use hi end survey equipment and ancient $10 equipment for best placement of earthworks features. Plus, if you want to hire a professional surveyor you’ll know enough about the process to prevent them from conning you into over priced quotes and be able to see when they have made an obvious blunder.
Topsoil How to handle topsoil in an earth moving project so you keep every last microbe and every ounce of vigorous fertility.
Different types of dams Barrage dam, keypoint dam, valley dam, contour dam, ridgepoint dam, saddle dam, turkeys nest dam. Every one a different use and every one it’s own limitation.
Compacting soil Sometimes it’s a good idea. Especially when you want water to run over or hold still on the surface.
Vegetation Learn which plants will help you keep your dam and which ones will send your dam wall to the ocean.
Freeboard Understand why the minimum freeboard for all macro scale water holding earthworks must be set to 1000mm to prevent catastrophe. Knowledge of this principle is a must for any excavator or bulldozer operator. If they don’t know it, don’t use them. Find another guy.
Keyways The essential component most inexperienced Plant Operators have not the faintest idea about… yet it’s the part of the wall construction that holds the whole thing together.
Locking Pipe Baffles How to run a pipe straight through the dam wall without compromising it’s integrity.
Diversion Drains Moving large quantities of water over long distances in a hurry for flood irrigation or flood mitigation.
Swales The single most important earth structure for broad acre water harvesting.
Roads How to turn major and minor access ways into water and fertility harvesters without bogging your town car up to it’s axels.
Net and Pan Reforestation Systems Subtle earth structures used to establish a forest on denuded hillsides or extreme arid lands.
Gabions To prevent gully erosion and stop high quality free traveling silt and organic matter from running to the sea.
Leaky Weirs Low Tech, low cost way for creating emergency fodder crops and fertility traps.
How to Seal a leaking Dam Using a layer of bacterial slime…? Are these guys nuts or under-appreciated geniuses.
Sandpit Modeling Build the structures you are learning about and play god to see the effects of flooding rains when we apply the divine watering can of truth.
Hands on the controls Experience Take the controls of awe inspiring machines like, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, Graders, Scrapers, Skid Steers so you understand how Plant Operators think, and learn to speak their language.
Earth Resources Clay, sand, shingle and boulders can be high value construction materials for every farm structure you’ll ever need.
Very Important Note:

Because you will have the opportunity to get your hands on the actual controls of heavy machinery, and because of the sheer volume of cost saving, productivity producing and water harnessing strategies you’ll be digesting over the 5 days of this high intensity Sustainable Farming course, places must be limited.

Unfortunately some people will miss out on this rare chance to spend time absorbing the deeply insightful inner understanding of these two internationally sought after agricultural consultants.

So to secure your place it’s recommended you Register Immediately. You can do so by clicking one of the big “Register Now” buttons anywhere on this page.

An initial deposit of only $100 is required to secure your place. The remainder of the course price is required in full one week prior to course commencement.

David and Danial have agreed to extend a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

But there is one condition to this Guarantee, which they’re sure you’ll understand.

On the first day at Lunch break, you’ll be given the opportunity to pull out. No harm. No Foul. No weaseling out from David and Danial. In fact any time during that first morning you are welcome to enact the Guarantee Clause we are throwing down here.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied the course is for you, or you feel you stand to gain nothing by remaining a participant, all you have to do is approach one of the organizers or volunteers and tell them. You’ll receive every cent, including your initial deposit, back. They’ll send it straight back into your bank account over the internet, right there in front of you.

You’ll be invited to stay and enjoy lunch. Not a word about your departure will be mentioned. No one should be forced to pay for anything they believe is less than what they expect. And no one shall be challenged about their decision to leave.

The one condition is… once lunch break on day 1 has passed, you’re locked in. And the refund is no longer available. So make sure you know where you stand by the end of the Lunch break on day one of the course. Because we need to know where we stand too.

Register Now For the Earthworks Hydrology Course

Course Prices

$1000AUD per person due to be paid a week prior to the start of the course date.

Early bird discount of 10% off $900AUD must be made in one transaction 8 weeks before course start date.

$100AUD Non refundable deposit to secure a booking with in the course.

Course Dates and Venues:

1st to the 5th of June 2015, Tatong Victoria, Australia

Accommodation and Food

Catering: All meals and snacks during the course hours are provided at no cost, catering for omnivores and vegetarians only.

Accommodation: BYO tent and camping gear (you will need to provide everything you need to sleep in your tent). There is a free camp ground just outside the site with all amenities otherwise if you wish to accommodate yourself in a little more comfort see accommodation at which is located 10 minutes down the road, (at your own expense).

Directions: Eagles Deep is situated 30 minutes from Benalla or 10 minutes south of Tatong Victoria on the corner Jones Road. First driveway on your left coming from Tatong.The course price includes camping on site as accommodation and meals on course days only (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner). For detailed direction please email Permaculture Tools.

In filling in this registration form the registerer agrees to all terms and conditions of staying at the venue site and will adhere to the property guidelines and restrictions (explained once on-site) and the following:

  • You will utilise environmentally friendly products during your stay
  • No pets
  • Full payment for the course should be recieved by the course convener at least one (1) week prior to the course.
  • Cancellation of registration will result in forfeiting the paid deposit

Register Now For the Earthworks Hydrology Course

P.S. We promise you won’t be fined for implementing these cutting edge earthworks design principles. They’ll never prove a thing.

Dan front excavator course

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Dave and Dan earthworks course









Danial Lawton’s and David Spicer’s Earthworks Hydrology Course by Permaculture Tools

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