Rural skills and sharp hand tools course (5 days – Monday to Friday)
Skilling up for powering down – the great reskilling

Course Dates and Venues

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Both rural skills and sharp hand tools courses are being combined to give you a five day hands on opportunity to gain the necessary on the ground skills to develop your site, to be more useful on projects when designing and to design with a practical mind set.


Danial Lawton                                                                               David Spicer

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Danial and David have worked in the permaculture education field for over 10 years and have seen the need become more apparent for a course to skill people on the ground, in the basics.

In our experience people value your opinion more if you can demonstrate your ability to work on the ground. With this course we will install a set of skills that you can develop and refine over the years, we aim to empower you to have a go! and to break the cycle of specialization and renew the generalist.

You will learn how to use hand tools and choose the right tool for the job, how to repair, maintain and sharpen your tools. Learn to build basic infrastructure, irrigation, basic plumbing and to fence animals in or out.

Students will be provided with a serrated sickle (rice Knife) and a certificate of completion.
You will leave this course with the practical skills to install and maintain your site or project.

Course schedule

Day: 1: General hand tools
General hand tools, i.e. shovels, mattocks, wheel barrows, crow bars, rakes, pitch folks, etc.
a general overall of basic hand tools use, maintenance and repair.
Day: 2: Sharp hand tools
Introduction to sharp hand tools: rice knives/ serrated sickles, karma’s, machetes and hooks.
You will be shown how to correctly use, maintain, repair and sharpen these hand tools.
Day 3:  Building and structures
Site set out and survey, general construction types or methods, tools involved, concrete/plastering, retaining walls/raised beds.
Day 4: Irrigation and plumbing
Guttering, plumbing rain water tanks, first flush systems, greywater setups, or rain gardens (aka Brad Lancaster), water troughs, floats, siphons, tap repair and garden irrigation.
Day 5: Fencing
Electric fencing, solar 12v and mains systems, modern standard fencing, fedges (living fences), trellises, CMA wild life fencing/ wild life corridors.

David teaching


Danial with rice knife







Course Prices

$850AUD per person due to be paid a week prior to the start of the course date.

Early bird discount of 10% off $765AUD must be made in one transaction 8 weeks before course start date.

$100AUD Non refundable deposit to secure a booking with in the course, places are limited.

The course price includes camping on site as accommodation and meals on course days only (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner).

BYO tent and camping gear (you will need to provide everything you need to sleep in your tent).

In filling in this registration form the registerer agrees to all terms and conditions of staying at the venue site and will adhere to the property guidelines and restrictions (explained once on-site) and the following:

  • You will utilise environmentally friendly products during your stay
  • No pets
  • Full payment for the course should be recieved by the course convener at least one (1) week prior to the course.
  • Cancellation of registration will result in forfeiting the paid deposit