Best rice knife i have ever used

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I have used a large range of sickles in my time as an avid hand tool collector and user.
This is by far the best i have ever used. It is the sharpest i have ever used this is interesting as the serrations are hand punched as it is made by hand. Each individual serration […]

Post comments

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I strongly encourage post comments and as the login to comment was putting people off it was removed it was only off for a few hours and nothing but spam, So i am sorry to say it is back on. However you can login with your FaceBook, Linkedin, Gmail, and Twitter accounts so there […]

Permaculture Tools now on twitter

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Permaculture Tools is now on twitter.

so now you can get your updates in a tweet 🙂


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Permaculture Tools has turned orange in support of saying no to bullying.

Today 15th of March is National day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Turning orange in support of Bullying. No Way!

Stand up against bullying in our schools and help support those effected by bullying.

As a victim of bullying in high school i know first […]

Hand tools the old way to go for a new frontier

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The use of small hand tools in farming can be found all over the world, however in the 1st world many of these tools and skills on how to use, maintain and repair these tools have been lost. If you go to 3rd world countries you can still find these small hand tools still being used today, although western society is driving them out in replacement of small machinery, gripping them in the reliance on fossil fuel. The very interesting thing is almost everywhere you go around the world where they still use small cutting hand tools (sickles) you will find many different types of tools that are almost the same, very similar size and similar curved shape. […]