Permaculture Tools has turned orange in support of saying no to bullying.

Today 15th of March is National day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

Turning orange in support of Bullying. No Way!

Stand up against bullying in our schools and help support those effected by bullying.

As a victim of bullying in high school i know first hand about bullying in schools.

Children do not talk about this to their parents, they do not want to discuss it. Children will not come to their parents and inform then they are being bullied.

Parents need to interact with their children and find out what is wrong. If a child seems down and you ask are you ok? They answer yes I’m find i just had a bad day at school, this should ring alarm bells. As parents it is our job to find the root of the cause and protect our little children.

Thank you


Danial Lawton

Director of Permaculture Tools