Product Description

4.5″ Serrated Sickle Stainless Steel – PT3


Blade 11cm in length and made of Stainless steel

Handle 15cm in length and made of wood

Total length 26cm

Weight 0.10kg


You will find the smaller rice knifes great for harvesting herbs, salads and veggies.

Used for grasses and small herbaceous plants in a more controlled environment, such as around the base of trees, using a pulling and wrist turning action, not to be used in a swinging action (see Videos).


Care instructions

After every use, the blade should be wiped clean and sprayed with a permanent lubricant i.e. INOX not WD40 or RP7 (non-permanent lubricants). Blade should be sharpened with a sharpening stone and water, on the back side of the blade, opposite the serrations, do not use a file or grinder, blade must be oiled after sharpening.



Weight includes packaging and size is the largest overall external dimensions – for shipping purposes.


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