23% Failure Rate for Farm Dams

Do Not Call an Earth Moving Company until you Read This.

A $3000 – $7000 dam can rapidly turn into a million dollar nightmare (with lives lost) in just
one downpour of rain if certain key principles are not strictly adhered to. 23% of new farm
dams fail each year in NSW alone.

Find out how you can get hands-on-controls experience with earth moving machinery and
acquire all the necessary knowledge to direct Professional Surveyors, Plant Operators and
Contractors in the most important permanent projects on your farm.

Experienced farm designers want to show you exactly how to harvest every drop of water
falling on your property, protecting crops and livestock from drought while every farm
around you cracks and turns brittle brown.

And at the same time give you a solid understanding of the finer points of:

• Modern high tech and ancient low tech survey equipment for planning and peg-out.
• Soil testing and decision making process affecting your farm for the next 200 years.
• How not to lose a half million dollar earth mover to a hidden under surface bog.
• Earthworks that automatically irrigate your whole farm without even 1m of poly pipe.
• How to increase fertility and farm production by cutting a road into a hillside.
• Hints and tips on how to get the Government to pay for major farm projects.

David Spicer and Danial Lawton, renowned international farm designers who’ve overseen
farm design and construction in some of the harshest landscapes in the world like Jordan,
Morocco, Palestine and Ecuador are holding a 5 day hands on Earthworks course on a
real working farm near Bateman’s Bay.

Who is the course for?

• Commercial Farmers who want full water holding and soil productivity hard wired into
their operation.
• Hobby Farmers who want to protect themselves from the consequences of substandard
slap-dash earthworks.
• Professional Farm Contractors who want to extend their capabilities in farm water and
productivity management.
• Earthworks Contractors wanting to attract a better class of educated customer.
• Town, Catchment and Regional Planners with long term vision.

Only 25 participants can be catered for. 13 already registered (at time of writing). Claim
your spot before they’re gone, and David and Danial head off to their next major project in

Details and Registration at