I have used a large range of sickles in my time as an avid hand tool collector and user.
This is by far the best i have ever used. It is the sharpest i have ever used this is interesting as the serrations are hand punched as it is made by hand. Each individual serration is punched with a chisel one by one, this makes each of them different the gaps and lengths are all different making the serration irregular which in turn makes it cut better and with less blockage. It also feels really nice in your hand this is as a result of the tool being balanced. This is achieved by it being hand made by my master blacksmith who has being making traditional agricultural tools for over 40 years passed down to him by his father and so on for at least 4 generations. He feels the differences in the blade weight and attaches the right weighted handle to it and sanding it down until the balance is right. Something very hard to get right in a factory. These tools are made in his shed next to his house with his apprentices, (his sons) in a dirt side street off a back street with no shop front. There will be a follow up article about my master blacksmith (who has asked to remain anonymous (this will makes sense in the article to come)).

Premium Hand Made Serrated Sickle (rice knife)