How to repair and replace handles

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This is a demonstration video on how to replace a handle on a tool with centre blade attachment.

This technique can also be used to repair cracked handles like on a shovel.


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Best rice knife i have ever used

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I have used a large range of sickles in my time as an avid hand tool collector and user.
This is by far the best i have ever used. It is the sharpest i have ever used this is interesting as the serrations are hand punched as it is made by hand. Each individual serration […]


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Attention: Farmers, Hobby Farmers and Acreage Holders

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23% Failure Rate for Farm Dams
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A $3000 – $7000 dam can rapidly turn into a million dollar nightmare (with lives lost) in just
one downpour of rain if certain key principles are not strictly adhered to. 23% of new farm
dams fail each year in […]

Post comments

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I strongly encourage post comments and as the login to comment was putting people off it was removed it was only off for a few hours and nothing but spam, So i am sorry to say it is back on. However you can login with your FaceBook, Linkedin, Gmail, and Twitter accounts so there […]