Master Blacksmith of antique knives and agricultural tools

*Photo credit: Mio Cade
A story of extraordinary difficulty and chance encounters, in the great quest to discover a Master Blacksmith for the love of creating great hand tools used in traditional agriculture.

Back in 2011 […]

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Permaculture Earthworks Course

This Permaculture Earthworks Course will be a little different to other courses in earthworks hydrology construction, as you will be given the opportunity to operate an excavator to gain a good solid understanding of […]

Permaculture Tools DVD

Permaculture Tools is putting together a Permaculture Tools DVD funded by kickstarter but we need your help.

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International Permaculture Day #IPD2014

For International Permaculture Day 2014 Permaculture Tools will be offering a free rice knife for every tool order taken on the day.
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Permaculture Tools will also be offering a 25% discount for all consultancy […]

Permaculture Nursery Directory

Permaculture Tools have lunched it’s free permaculture nursery directory.

This is to make it easy to find the plant resources needed to complete your project.

It is not designed to be an advert for your business […]

Permaculture Tools workshop at Zaytuna Farm with Danial Lawton 27-29 May 2013

Permaculture Tools workshop at Zaytuna Farm with Danial Lawton 27-29 May 2013

By William Hill 1 July 2013

Permaculture Tools owner, Danial Lawton
Permaculture tool expert and business owner Danial Lawton conducted a hand tool workshop at Zaytuna Farm, home of the Permaculture Research Institute at the end of May.  Presenting to students of the internship program, he shared his extensive knowledge of his unique hand tools, demonstrating the correct use of them in the field.

Danial prepares to demonstrate correct usage of his permaculture tools at Zaytuna Farm
Danial’s introduction to the ‘old-style’ hand tools was at the Permaculture Research Institute many years ago with implements such as the sickle, scythe, and machete.  The efficiency, […]

Permaculture Day 2013

Permaculture Day May the 5th 2013

This year Permaculture Tools will be conducting a free workshop @ Northey Street City Farm from 9:00am to 9:20am with some question time after.

Event: Free workshop on how to […]

How to repair and replace handles

This is a demonstration video on how to replace a handle on a tool with centre blade attachment.

This technique can also be used to repair cracked handles like on a shovel.


Do you want to […]

Best rice knife i have ever used

I have used a large range of sickles in my time as an avid hand tool collector and user.
This is by far the best i have ever used. It is the sharpest i have […]